“The Outsider” Review quotes

fRoots: “think a moody Mary Margaret O’Hara…”


The Morning Star:

“each songs beguiles with its uniquely absorbing multilayered musical ambiance”.


Fatea Magazine: 

“…a record of profound maturity”…” Beth has a voice of rare beauty; dynamic, vibrant, sultry and, at times, pulsating”…” The Outsider is an album to be relished, the aural delights proffered are plentiful and compelling, with a mark of individuality that is refreshing”.


Roots Music Report: 

“one compelling and unique musical presence”.


Liverpool Sound and Vision: 

“The Outsider is a series of continuing brilliance to which cannot be contained or pigeon holed”.



“If you’ve ever felt that the whole world is cross-threaded, The Outsider is your kind of record”


Blues in Britain: 

“haunting and compelling”.


Blues Matters: 

“it is Beth with her stark and crystal clear vocals that underpins this sound”.


Reviews for "Small Town Talk" released 2016

Roots Music Report

"5 stars", "Ma Polaine’s Great Decline once again generates a dark, highly seductive atmosphere part jazz, part cabaret; the potency of which is magnified by their minimalist approach".

Full review: Roots Music Report

Maverick Magazine August 2016

Four stars, "quite different to anything out there right now".

Folk All

"inhabit that twilight zone between decadence and respectability but they never let you know in which camp they are going to plant their musical foot".

Full review: Folk All

Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Small Town Talk is the big noise, the sheer command of authority that makes cities tremble with expectation and anticipation".

Full review: Liverpool Sound and Vision

Reviews for "Got Me Out Of Hell" released 2015

Roots Music Report

"5 stars", "the singer’s compelling and never overplayed delivery, however, that gives this set its sustained, just-under-the surface intensity".

Full review: Roots Music Report


Blues And Soul Magazine

"8/10", "Crying out to be used on sound tracks. A very cinematic sound.. The icing on the cake is their vocalist. Stunning singer Beth Packer is someone to get to know".

Full review: Blues and Soul Magazine


Northern Sky Magazine:

“4/5”, "an utterly compelling soundscape", “sounds like a young Billie Holiday gate-crashing a Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones recording session”.

Full review: Northern Sky Magazine


Liverpool Sound And Vision:

“9.5/10”, "like some new wonderful step in evolution, an album of great warmth and heroic concealment", "the most complete and uniquely enjoyable of the year so far". 

Full review: Liverpool Sound And Vision


Penny Black Music:

"...they have created their own sound wonderfully".

Full review: Penny Black Music


Mike Ainscoe, Sonic Bandwagon:

"hard to ignore when it comes to an eclectic mix".

Full review: Sonic Bandwagon


Reviews for "Suffer It Well" EP

Roots Music Report


"Perhaps not since the Squirrel Nut Zippers has an outfit used period jazz in such a distinctive, appealing manner, here adding continental flavorings and conjuring musical moods simultaneously familiar and exotic. Central to the identity, and to the curiously seductive chemistry, of this London quintet, are the charmingly throwback vocals of Beth Packer. In addition to the title track, “Love Me Or Leave Me” and “Blame It On Me” are standouts." Reviewed By: Duane Verh


FATEA Magazine


"elements of folk, jazz and old timey, given voice by the wonderfully evocative vocals of Beth Packer", "wouldn't sound out of place in a speakeasy or the Left Bank, it just captures that sense of sophisticated sleaze", "a whole that is as rich as it is deep." Reviewed By: Neil King